UnCommon Web


Getting Started

The file getting-started.txt in the main ucw repository is the main introduction to UCW.

Felideon's Introduction

The getting-started.txt file assumes the reader is experienced with CLOS and the Meta-Object Protocol. Felipe Delgado has started an excellent series of posts that explain UCW and the technologies it uses for those not as experienced in common lisp. You can follow along with felideon at ifelipe.net

The Source Code

The source code is the definitive reference for all things UCW. It is well commented.

Introduction to UCW (video) [OUT OF DATE]

hello-world.mov (torrent)

This short movie guides you through the creation of a simple UCW application.

Creating a Wiki with UCW [OUT OF DATE]

html - pdf.

This tutorial shows how to create a simple wiki using UCW. The source code to the example and the accompanying tal files are include with ucw itself.

Slides [OUT OF DATE][

Slides from the UCW talk given at LinuxDay 2004 Pavia (translated from the italian version).

Far More than You Ever Wanted to Know

A long e-mail conversation which touches on, among other things, UCW internals, the REST approach and continuations vs. state machines.

Another long e-mail which talks about how to structure UCW apps.

Getting help online

UCW developers and users can be found on the #ucw channel on the freenode.net irc network.